Monday, March 26, 2007

Party Pics

Well, the party was a success and the girls had alot of fun, although you'd never be able to tell by the pictures. I've yet to get a picture of them smiling (or together for that matter!). My camera died right as we started opening presents so a friend is going to email me the pictures that they took. They got loads of clothes, pjs, shoes, toys, new Barney dvd's (ugh!), their first purses (so cute!), potty chairs (yikes!) from Grandma and Papa, a cute picnic table from Grandma and Grandpa, and pink and purple tricycles from Mommy and Daddy. Emily almost has the concept of it and I'm sure Ashley will catch on soon too. I think their favorite toy is the wooden talking puzzles that Godmommy and Goddaddy got for them. They had a ball with them last night. My favorite is the Aquadoodle that Uncle Tim got for them, AND he got them the stamps that go with it! You know I'm going to be teaching them all about that! Oh, they also raked in some cash and savings bonds. These girls are not spoiled at all!! We all had a great time and I'm pooped.

My hubby's cousin made the yummy!

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