Thursday, March 1, 2007


Thanks to everyone who emailed me asking how Emily is. I ended up taking her to the doctor on Tuesday because she still wasn't feeling well. Her fever had gone down some, but she was still really cranky and I could just tell she wasn't acting her normal self. Come to find out she's got an ear infection and the dr. said that she has seen alot of kids lately having high fevers. Some kind of virus going around. So that's what we've been dealing with....a very cranky little girl. And let me tell you, when she's not happy, she definitely lets you know about it! Hopefully I'll be able to make a few cards over the weekend. I'm mailing out the invitations this weekend so after that I can get back to playing!

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Karrie Baker said...

Your girls are sooo CUTE!! Sorry to hear that Emily is not feeling well, hopefully she will be feeling ship shape soon! Ü By the way, your cards are darling!! Thank you for sharing your blog with me on your post, I will definitely be checking back again soon!