Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Been Bitten By the Digital Bug...again!

I've been doing some major digi-scrapping lately. I can't seem to get motivated to paper scrap or make any cards, but I'm lovin' doing it digitally again. I kind of got bored with it about six months ago and took the dive into the world of paper, but it's so frustrating when you don't have the room to work. I spend most of my time searching for the perfect paper, ribbon, embellies, etc. that it takes forever to do one page (or card for that matter!) Doing it digitally is so much easier and you can colorize anything to make it match your layout. I did this one today... Click on the picture to see it full size.

The kit designer is Marcee Dugar from Digital Scrapbook Place .

I've made a ba-zillion templates all ready. All I have to do is plop a picture in them and they are done. A couple of friends asked me if I could make a dvd for them. They are going to email me their pictures and I'm going to insert them on the pages, add whatever title, journaling, etc. they want, then burn them to a dvd. I think it would make a great present. What do you all think?


iralamija said...

very nice!

Bety :)

Kirsten said...

Very cute page!

Greta said...

beautiful...i keep saying i will try digi...but truly i am scared...i guess i like playing with the papers and getting up 1285674645 times searching for

Debby said...

Very Cute. I would love to know what program you use to digi scrap. Thanks.

Ana said...

what a great layout!!