Monday, June 25, 2007

Arrested Development

At the insistance of my brother, I finally watched the tv series Arrested Development. Mind you it was canceled a couple years back, but I'm just now realizing what alot of people already knew. THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! I'm talking tears streaming down my face...having to rewind because I was laughing so hard, I couldn't hear what happened next! Since borrowing my brother's dvds of this show, I have watched the first and part of the second seasons and I have never laughed as hard at a tv show as I have with Arrested Development. I have always been a Jason Bateman fan since back in the "Hogan" sitcom days. He just cracks me up! I remember seeing the commercials for the AR series but missed it when it debuted on tv. After that, I just figured that since I missed the first couple episodes I'd be completely lost and wouldn't understand what was going on. Good call on my part!

Last week I watched the very first episode and I was immediately hooked and now I cannot stop watching. Has anyone else watched this show?! Please let me know...I'd love to talk to someone about it. And if you haven't seen this show yet...I beg you to watch. You can watch season 1 and 2 for free here. Make sure you start with the very first show and watch them in order. You won't be sorry....just the best show ever, I'm tellin' ya!! You've been warned.


Greta said...

okay i am sooo going to have to watch these because i have been hearing so much about them..thanks for the heads up

Jaided Ravenheart said...

I watched that show from day one... :) Loved it!! I would always try to get other people to watch it, but they would come in too late, or on a part they thought was gross etc... if you don't catch it from the start it's hard to connect it all. I was REALLY upset that it was cancelled and was hoping HBO would have picked it up... I miss it.. and I probably should rewatch it all.. LOL


Cindyg said...

LOVE Arrested Development!!! They also show the series constantly on G4 TV (on cable) - its a riot!