Monday, July 16, 2007

It Was Bound to Happen... babies aren't babies anymore. *sigh* Last night they spent their first night in "big girl beds". Yesterday, we bought them bunk beds that look something like this ------->

Of course they are not bunked...and after we got them all set up, with their new sheets, pillows and comforter, they crawled into their new beds, mommy got tears in her eyes. How pathetic is that?! They look like little peanuts in there. They are just growing up so fast. It seems like every day its something new. But, I love every minute of it.

For the bedding, Emily's is purple with butterflies (I couldn't find a picture of it online), but here is what Ashley's looks like:

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Greta said...

oh girl...i tell ya...i am so with you....the beds looks beautiful and the bedding is perfect for sweet little girls...