Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ever See That Movie "The Birds"

Come over to my house and you'll get a live version of "The Bats". Yeah, last weekend we had a couple of unwelcomed guests and homegirl here about had a heart attack...literally. Picture it...10:30 p.m., everyone in bed, I'm sitting at my computer minding my own damn business, when all of a sudden something flies into my hair, and hits my ear!!!! I screamed (naturally), swatted my head, looked up, and there was a friggin' bat flying around. Well, I just shat myself right then and there and high-tailed it upstairs to my bedroom. My husband jumps up and says "why are you screaming?" I told him the horrific story and he goes downstairs to check it out. Of course, no bat in sight. Thank God I had the girls' bedroom door closed so he couldn't fly in there. Anyway, we couldn't find him so we go to bed. Yeah, slept with one eye open that whole night. Lovely bags under the eyes the next day. We eventually found him that next day and got rid of him. Ok...fast forward to Sunday early morning... my husband gets out of bed around 4ish to go to the bathroom; I waited for him to come back in so I could go next. He comes back in the bedroom, half asleep and grumbles, "there's another bat in the house and I'm not chasing after it right now". Great....I hafta pee and there's a bat in the house. Needless to say, I did not venture out to the bathroom and now I can't fall back to sleep because (1) there's a bat in the house; and (2) I hafta pee!!! That next day, no sign of any bat, and come dusk I decide to watch tv in the "no-bat zone" of my bedroom while my husband watches football downstairs in the living room. Around 9:30ish I needed something to drink so as I open my bedroom door, I see my husband walking up the stairs to tell me that our little bat friend as taken flight again. Luckily he got the thing closed in in our kitchen. I tried so hard to be brave and I wanted to help him so I creep down the steps to do I-don't-know-what, but hey, it's an effort, right? Just as I get to the bottom of the stairs and peek around the corner at my husband, I see him flinch and duck. Well, I freaked, started running back upstairs, pissed myself a little and locked myself back in the bedroom. All the while my poor husband is chasing this thing with a fishing net and towel. Such a sight! He finally got him and let him outside.

So that has been what I've been dealing with and I'm a nervous wreck over it. Everyone keeps telling me that they won't hurt me and not to get so worked up over it. Well screw you, they are not in your house!!! So I decided to call in the professionals and they are coming out to our house on Monday to find out how many we actually have and where they are coming in at. Hopefully we get rid of them SOON so I can go back to feeling comfortable in my own home again. Oh yeah, my husband is working a double shift tonight so I'm going to be home alone with the girls. Come sun-down I'm going to hole myself up in my bedroom again until he comes home. Nice, huh? Lovin' life I am. Anyone ever had this problem?

So anyway, I did manage to do another layout...I love watching these two play together. They have so much fun with each other; always laughing and giggling.

Ok, enough for now....I'm off to find my cross and put together the ever-so-fashionable garlic necklace.


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!! And I thought I had it bad when an oak snake came down the chimmey and decided to visit me and my girls! Hope you get rid of them! HAGN

jennymary said...

Thank you so much for the chuckle. The family keep looking at me as if they think I'm nuts. I can't stop giggling. I'm really sorry but I'm not scared of bats (or spiders) so the thought of you staying awake for the sake of a pee really cracks me up. We have trouble with possums in the house and they crack me up because they get in and are too dopey to get out again. LOL