Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Sunset Kit Freebie

I haven't had time to finish up a new freebie ('cause I'm too busy watchin' Arrested Development! *har*), so here's a kit I designed last year that I posted on my old blog. I love the colors of this kit and all the sparklies! Hope you enjoy!! You can download here (password "girly").

Here's a layout I created using this kit. --------->

Monday, June 25, 2007

Arrested Development

At the insistance of my brother, I finally watched the tv series Arrested Development. Mind you it was canceled a couple years back, but I'm just now realizing what alot of people already knew. THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! I'm talking tears streaming down my face...having to rewind because I was laughing so hard, I couldn't hear what happened next! Since borrowing my brother's dvds of this show, I have watched the first and part of the second seasons and I have never laughed as hard at a tv show as I have with Arrested Development. I have always been a Jason Bateman fan since back in the "Hogan" sitcom days. He just cracks me up! I remember seeing the commercials for the AR series but missed it when it debuted on tv. After that, I just figured that since I missed the first couple episodes I'd be completely lost and wouldn't understand what was going on. Good call on my part!

Last week I watched the very first episode and I was immediately hooked and now I cannot stop watching. Has anyone else watched this show?! Please let me know...I'd love to talk to someone about it. And if you haven't seen this show yet...I beg you to watch. You can watch season 1 and 2 for free here. Make sure you start with the very first show and watch them in order. You won't be sorry....just the best show ever, I'm tellin' ya!! You've been warned.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Layouts

Just a quick daughters discovered coloring over the weekend. They made daddy a father's day card and they didn't want to stop. I gave them my old cheapy colored pencils and paper and let them at it. Peace and quiet for about an was great!! Click on the picture to see full sized.

I'm working on a new freebie, so check back soon. =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Confessions of a Pepperoni Addict (and a freebie)

Hi, my name is Dawn, and I'm a pepperoni addict. Something very strange is going on with me..and I'm ashamed to say that I CANNOT stop eating the stuff! You know, the kind that's already cut up and sold in those little clear plastic containers? When I go to the grocery store, I have every intention of just going cold-turkey and bypass the deli department all together so as not to even get a whiff of the greasey goodness, but some kind of force comes over me and I cannot leave without buying some. Hey, throw in some cheese, and I've got myself a party! Honestly, they must process this stuff with crack or something. It's so ridiculous. If anyone knows of a 12-step program for this, please let me know... (and if there is such a program...the world has turned into very sad state...Lord help us all).

Ok, anyway...since I'm all hopped up on "roni", I've got another quickpage freebie to fling at ya. I know, two freebies in one week...I'm crazy I tell you... I'm outta control!! LOL

Have fun. You can download it here (password "girly).

Credits: Kit by Amanda Roberts
Template: Jaana Saker
Notecard: Julie O (from her Dusted Blossoms kit)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Father's Day Freebie Kit

This is part of a kit I created last year which I sold when I was a designer at DigiScrapIt. Everyone seemed to like it, so I thought I'd dust it off and give a piece of it out as a freebie. Hope you all enjoy. You can download it here. Password is...yes, you guessed it, "girly". I still can't figure out how to change it! LOL

Have a great week, and if you download, please leave me some lovin!!
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