Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two New Layouts

Real quick post here...cause I'm tired and wanna go to bed! I managed to do a couple new layouts. I think they turned out cute. It's almost next to impossible to get a decent pic of these girls. I desperately need a new digital camera. The thing has such a delay on it....from the time they look at me and smile, I click the button, and the camera actually takes the picture, the girls are already in the next room. I have to take 150 pics and pray that one of them actually comes out. The poor girls are so blinded by all the flashes, they smash into walls trying to get away from me. I'm so over this camera...


Greta said...

i know what you mean about getting good pics but the candid ones are the bomb

love the layouts!!
the canon a560 takes great pictures and is an awesome price for a point and shoot if that is what your looking for...that is the one i have i tote in my purse everywhere i go

Anonymous said...

Potty training...JOY!!! I couldn't wait until my first was potty trained...not long after I found out baby #2 was on the It was devine planning I tell ya!!! Thank you for your kind words and thoughts about my sister. She is doing remarkably well, and is on the mend. With a little PT she will regain full use of her left side again:) Its been a crazy 2 weeks, but were glad she is out of danger now.