Monday, November 24, 2008

Back!'s been a while...huh? Sorry for no new freebies. I've been sick, kids sick, etc. Just haven't had my mojo to create anything new. I've been working on a bunch of christmas projects and it's been taking up most of my free time. I'll post pics soon. I'm also working on a 2009 calendar that I may put up for sale. It's turning out awesome. I love it. I'm making a bunch for family and friends. Maybe you'll want one too! I'll get that posted within the next week.

I decided to drag out my christmas decorations yesterday. I thought I'd be smart and put up all the decorations then next weekend go get the tree and decorate it. That way I'm not spending the whole weekend decorating. Yeah, sounded good in theory. The girls were dying to help, and I thought it would be fun, so I put on the christmas music and started in. They helped for about...oh...10 minutes then decided they were bored and wanted to play in their room. No problem. After about 45 minutes I realized I haven't heard any commotion upstairs in their room. I went in to investigate. I found two little girls, in MY bedroom, with all their dolls and blankets strewn about and my two little angles covered from head to toe in Maalox. Yes people, I said Maalox. My husband had two bottles of it on his night-stand and apparently the girls thought it looked enough like milk to feed their baby dolls with it. This stuff was everywhere...carpet, bed, sheets, and caked in their doll's hair. I wish, now, that I would have taken pictures, but I just didn't see the humor in it then! I threw them both in the tub for a bath (which is no party either). After that, I went back downstairs to finish decorations. About an hour later, little miss Ashley had some funk comin' off her that made my eyes water. I've been trying to get these kids potty trained for about six months now, and they just flat out refuse. They will go no. 1 in the potty, but they just will not do no. 2. Now, she didn't have a pull-up on because that would have given No, she's got on big-girl underwear and it was seeping down her legs and I'm not sure how this happened but it was also up her back. The kid defies the laws of gravity. I threw her back into the tub for yet another bath. After that, I said screw the decorations and quit for the day.

So, there's a quick update on how life in the Knapp household has been. Pray for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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Fink said...

I am sorry but I had to laugh at that! I hope that the potty training goes better!